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Bhart Shemar DO ND Registered Osteopath Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine (Honours)

Bhart Shemar graduated from the prestigious British College of Osteopathic Medicine. During his five year degree, he received numerous awards and was also presented with the ‘Student of the year prize’ in his final year. Bhart subsequently returned to his alma mater, working as a lecturer and clinical tutor, training and examining students in clinical skills and physical diagnosis. Bhart has now been practising as an Osteopath for over a decade.

During that time he qualified as a Naturopath and uses this knowledge alongside Osteopathy to meet his patients' needs. Bhart is passionate about Osteopathy and is an attentive and caring practitioner. As an Osteopath, he seeks to find the root cause of his patient’s problem and avoids treating their symptoms in isolation. Bhart tailors his Osteopathic treatment to achieve the best results for his patients, personalising his treatment plan to suit his patients needs and their individual lifestyle. Patient education and preventative medicine are at the heart of Bhart’s approach and he encourages positive lifestyle changes for his patients wherever possible. He empowers his patient by giving them a clear understanding of their complaint, and what is causing it. This helps them how best to address the problem and minimise the risk of recurrence.

Prior to his training as an Osteopath, Bhart worked as an Accident and Emergency nurse for many years, gaining extensive experience across numerous specialties ranging from paediatrics, cardiology to emergency trauma. In total Bhart has over two decades of clinical experience. As a nurse, he also mentored and assessed nursing students and newly qualified Staff Nurses within his Accident and Emergency department. Bhart has learnt how resilient the human body can be, as well as what can go wrong when it is not correctly cared for.

Patient safety is of paramount importance to Bhart and he therefore maintains his continuing professional development, keeping his clinical skills and knowledge up to date. Alongside his Osteopathic skills Bhart is also trained in Medical Acupuncture and Sports/Kinesio taping. Working as an Osteopath, Bhart combines his knowledge of all these techniques, together with his Osteopathy, Naturopathy and clinical skills to achieve the most effective results for his patients. Using his years of clinical experience, Bhart looks for signs of underlying conditions, and on occasion will refer patients as needed for further clinical investigations, such as an MRI scan, or for a consultation with a specialist consultant. Bhart is also trained in taking blood for analysis if required.

Professional Certification:

I'm registered with the General Osteopathis Council I'm a member of the Institute of Osteopathy

An Introduction to Osteopathy

Osteopathy was pioneered in the late 1800s by Dr Andrew Taylor Still, a Physician and Surgeon and it is a holistic system of treatment, complementary to other medical practices. Osteopathy is suitable for almost anyone and can contribute to the treatment and management of a wide range of conditions ranging from back and joint pain to sports injuries.

To an osteopath, for a body to work well its structure must also work well. A core principle behind osteopathy is the idea that the body is an integrated and indivisible whole. No part of the body works, or can be considered, in isolation. Other factors, which may contribute to the complaint, are also taken into account such as lifestyle, occupation and diet.

What to expect from your visit

During your initial one hour appointment, Bhart will take a comprehensive and detailed medical history to ascertain the root cause of your complaint. This will be followed by a clinical and osteopathic examination.

After this examination, Bhart will discuss his clinical impression and the most appropriate osteopathic treatment for you. Every Osteopath works slightly differently and although the end goal may be the same, each Osteopath may take a different treatment approach to achieve similar results. Bhart uses a combination of tissue work, joint and spinal mobilisations, medical acupuncture, osteopathic spinal manipulations along with exercise and lifestyle advice.

Follow up appointments will last for up to 45 minutes and will consist of a review of your clinical symptoms, your progress and any other clinical concerns you may have.

Qualification & Training

The title 'Osteopath' is protected by law and just as with Doctors, Dentists and Nurses, Osteopaths have a regulatory body to set and promote high standards of competency, conduct and safety. Osteopaths are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

It is against the law to call yourself an Osteopath unless you are fully qualified and registered with GOsC. Bhart is registered with the GOsC and studied for five years full time which included a minimum of 1,000 hours of supervised clinical practice.

GOsC requires all Osteopaths to re-register annually. As part of this process, they must continue to update and expand their clinical knowledge by completing a minimum of 30 hours study per year.

GOsC also checks that Osteopaths have current professional indemnity insurance, remain in good health and are of good character.

Bhart is also a professional member of The Institute of Osteopathy and The British Medical Acupuncture Society.

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